Exterior wall stone (inorganic material) sample hydrophilicity test

・Test sample: Exterior wall inorganic stone
・Coating solutions: PALCCOAT ST-P (undercoat)
          PALCCOAT ST (topcoat)
・Coating method: Spray gun


PALCCOAT ST (topcoat) PALCCOAT ST-P (undercoat) 

Exterior wall water drop angle_001

Exterior wall water drop angle_002

Check the degree of hydrophilicity before coating.

Exterior wall coating

ST (topcoat), ST-P (undercoat) coat. * It does not usually need to apply an undercoat for inorganic materials, but we applied it in order to improve adhesion.

check the contact angle of water droplets with UV light

After applying and curing the film, check the contact angle of the water drops while illuminating the UV light.

Contact angle cannot measure

After about 10 minutes, contact angle became unmeasurable.