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We fully recognize the necessity and social mission about protection of the personal information to deal with when carrying out our enterprise, and the compliance program adapted to us is built by embodying the privacy policy as shown below.
Moreover, we always learn about change of the social needs about private information protection and then the correction and preventive measures which Japanese Industrial Standards JISQ15001 (compliance program about private information protection) requires are taken, and we declare to continuously improve the management system of private information protection company-wide.

1. The personal information which we deal with is limited to the suitable range of employment and of a personal management, which take our business activity and business scale into consideration enough, and then we collect information about them, use and supply them.

2. Rational and/or proper management and preventive measures are taken against unlawful access to the personal information, loss, destruction, an alteration, and disclosure of personal information which we deal with, while the management resources corresponding to the actual condition are supplied. In daily operation, a proper corrective measure is taken.

3. We observe the norm of the statute about private information protection, a guideline, and others.

4. Based on the demand of an information subject, change of social needs, and change of the business environment surrounding us, we check, evaluate, and reexamine the compliance program and continuously carry out improvement of the program.

5. This privacy policy is notified in the company and is distributed to all of the officers, the employees including part-time employees, and also the possible measure is taken by publishing to a web page for ordinary persons to understand.

【Contact to】
3-3-16 Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Japan. 130-0024
Personal information management committee secretariat

About dealing with personal information

We observe personal information protection law and deal with personal information properly as follows.

1.The purpose of using personal information
(1)In the case of purchasing goods, applying, and confirming many kinds of service
(2)To present, deliver, and maintain our goods and service for customers
(3)In case of carrying out a questionnaire for examination and development of a new product or improvement of degrees of customers’ satisfaction

2.Offer to the third party of personal information
・We absolutely do not provide to a third party with personal information except for the following case.
(1)In the case of being agreed by the said person.
(2)In case of performing correspondence based on notification, instruction, etc. of the law of a statute, or the administration authorities.

3.The range of use of personal information
(1)The use within the limits of the purpose of using the personal information on above-mentioned (1).
(2)The use within the limits on which it has agreed when having been agreed by the said person.

4.Management of personal information
・We appoint a personal-information-management person in charge, and we take an essential and suitable measure by the ways of access restrictions, taking-out restrictions, and the prevention from unlawful access, and also security countermeasures, etc. for prevention of loss, destruction, an alteration, disclosure, etc. of the personal information, and the other safety controls of personal information.

5.An indication, correction, and deletion of personal information
・We appropriately correspond based on personal information protection law about the requests of a notice, correction, deletion, etc. on the personal information that we hold. Please contact the inquiry window mentioned below on complaint consultation, a request for disclosure, etc.

Bills such as disclosure ※PDF

6.Inquiry window

SOUMA CO.,LTD. Personal information management committee secretariat REP.Yukinobu Nemoto
ADDRESS:2-1-11 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan 130-0026.

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