For People Considering Photocatalyst

"I want to keep the building's visual appearance clean forever!". Palccoat photocatalyst fulfills such wish. You can maintain the beauty of the building for a long time by applying the photocatalytic coating.

Of course, it is not only functional for exterior appearance. It is also available for indoor environment. Photocatalytic coating makes the whole room a comfortable space by coating to the walls, ceilings, curtains, etc. for decomposing and removing viruses, bacteria, etc. and preventing sick house syndrome.

The Palccoat photocatalyst can be coated for building renovation, new house, also places where safety and sanitation are important, such as in kindergartens, nursery schools, schools, hospitals, nursing facilities, food factories, buses and taxi cars, etc.

In addition, for contractors who are engaged in the renovation work of the building, interior and exterior, the Palccoat photocatalyst coating can be made differentiated from other competitor out in the market.

Person in charge of house building company, construction company, construction agent, construction company

The biggest appeal of Palccoat is environmentally friendly coating solution. In addition, the photocatalytic coating work can also be done with responsibility of our construction department.

If you are a constructor, house building company, developer, architect or designer who is considering about adopting a photocatalytic coating, please feel free to contact us for detailed explanation and test coating.

For Building, Apartment, Real estate, Building maintenance company, Real estate owner / manager

"I want to reduce maintenance costs and management costs!", "We want to reduce the vacancy rate." The Palccoat photocatalyst fulfills such wish possible. The building will keep its visual appearance new for a long time by applying a photocatalytic coating. Even in the indoor environment, it prevents a sick house syndrome, makes deodorizing effect by coating the walls and ceilings. It makes the whole room comfortable and it will be liveable for residents and guests.

Hospital, Nursing home, Kindergarten, Nursery school owner, director

Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens and nursery schools, are very sensitive places for children, elders, and people with illness. Place that needs special attention is especially hospital infection (in-facility infection) . It is the Palccoat that decomposes and removes viruses, bacteria, etc., including flu, which rages every year. Photocatalytic coatings on indoor walls, floors, handrails, and doorknobs, which many people touch in particular, will be more effective in preventing hospital infections, etc. because the coated surface continues to decompose if it receives light.

For a people who are planning to build a house from now on

"I want to keep the building beautiful forever!", "I want to keep a comfortable and clean living space!" It is the Palccoat photocatalyst that fulfills such wish. The building can be kept longer than usual by applying a photocatalytic coating. Of course not only the exterior appearance but even in the indoor environment, which can also coat the wall, ceiling, curtain etc. Prevents sick house syndrome, deodorizes, decomposes and removes viruses and bacteria, etc., and will make the whole room comfortable and clean space.

For family who have children.

 The threat for children is infections such as viruses and allergic symptoms. Influenza and hay fever every year are fluttering for families with children. Some of Photocaalyst functions are the deodorizing, kill germs, and sterilize effect which eliminates the source of allergies and bacteria.

For people who worry about sick house syndrome.

Most interior materials are currently safe due to strict standards, but the standards were vague until several years ago. There have been many reports that the health of residents is harmed by chemicals such as organic solvents contained in adhesives and paints used for building materials and wallpaper. There are many people who are still suffering from them even today. Also, chemical substances may be detected not only from interior materials but also from furniture. Symptoms include allergic reactions such as dizziness and sneezing, headache and nausea, and atopic dermatitis (eczema) . Such damage to a sensitive infant can be very serious.