What is Photocatalyst?What is Photocatalyst?What is Photocatalyst?

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Building exterior and personal belongings safely keep their freshness, harmlessness, and visual appeal. House cleaning fees can be kept low cost while creating a stress free environment. This is Photocatalyst.

Photocatalysts have two main characteristics. Photocatalyst removes harmful substances such as "bacteria, germs, fungi, viruses, chemical substances that cause sick house syndrome, odors, tar stains..." that come floating in the air on the surface coated with photocatalyst. It has “(1) oxidative decomposition power” that decomposes light into an energy source and harmless. The other is "(2) Hydrophilicity," which has a high affinity with water.
Its true identity is "titanium dioxide". Titanium dioxide generates a strong decomposition power on its surface by receiving "the power of light that exists on a daily basis, such as sunlight and indoor lighting." In addition, the coating agent "PALCCOAT" used for the product is safe and harmless to humans and animals. Since the coated titanium dioxide itself does not change semi-permanently, it is a substance that repeats this action as long as it is exposed to light.

[PALCCOAT two of main effect]
(1) Decomposing Ability
-Application: Mainly interior coating.
・ Decompose Organic Substances (ex: odor, bacterial, virus, etc.), Water Purification, Air Purification (VOC removal), etc.

(2) Hydrophilic Properties
-Application: Mainly exterior wall coating.
・ Antifouling (self-cleaning function).
・ Antifogging and Antifouling Glass Coating (self-cleaning function).
The water on the surface spreads thinly to form a film of water, which also has an anti-fogging effect.

Do you face any troubles such as the following?

◉ With house, building, apartment exterior... ◉

  • The maintenance cost is high because the outer wall and window glass of the apartment, house are dirty.
  • I want to maintain the visual appearance of the newly built exterior wall.
  • I want to prevent the dirt on the outside signs and exteriors.
  • I want to use safe repainting products that are friendly/safe to people and environment.
  • I want to make dirt resistant outer wall, glass window.
  • Cleaning the exterior wall is overwhelming. 
  • Is there an external wall improvement method with a self-cleaning function?

◉ In the room ... ◉

  • I am worried about the smell of my new house and allergies/sick house syndrome after my move.
  • I would like to keep it as hygienic as possible, but it takes time and effort for cleaning.
  • I want to disinfect my room when pollen allergies and colds are spreading.
  • I can not hang dry pillows and futons on the balcony by the apartment rules.
  • Even I constantly clean the bath, molds grow.
  • I am troubled with the smell of pets and cigarettes.
  • We want to reduce virus, bacteria, odor in medical/nursing facilities.
  • I want to consider the measures against odors and improve hygiene in passenger cars, buses, taxi and trains.
  • I want to use products that are safe for the human body and the environment.

Photocatalyst DescriptionTitanium Dioxide

Titanium alloy is light and strong. Oxidizing titanium (the main raw material) turns into "titanium dioxide". Titanium dioxide becomes a strong oxidative decomposer on tio2 coated surface by receiving the light such as solar light and room lighting. The light breaks down various harmful substances, bad smell, dirt and so on, and maintains a comfortable environment consistently.

TiO2, γ-Fe2O3, SiO2, reduced graphene oxide, superhydrophilic, transparent coating

The photocatalyst has seven effects, and it improves the hygienic environment of various buildings and objects.
The substance of the photocatalyst, titanium dioxide, itself does not change semipermanently, so these seven effects continue repeatedly as long as light is received.

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