For Managers and Owner of Factories, Warehouses and Offices

The improvement of the work environment is an urgent issue for companies. In addition, it has been required to create a working environment to deal with the aging of employees and women's advance into the workforce. If the work environment is not good, it will drain the number of human resources, and company costs will be increased in the long run. Placcoat can be useful for the in-house infection reduction and odor control by coating with the office, the break room, the rest room etc. For large spaces, adopting with our purification equipment "Nao T Ait" prevents dust, odors, VOCs and internal infections. You can use the Palccoat to create an environment where everyone can work longer with a healthy and clean work environment both physically and mentally.

For the following such industries and facilities




Break room


The image of Palccoat coating