For Construction Company, Real Estate, Property Management, Cleaning Related Companies.

To contruction companies, real estate agents, building management (property management), and cleaning related companies, we suggest the "Aesthetic Maintenance, Antibacterial and Deodorizing Effect" of the eco-friendly and human-friendly photocatalystic Palccoat in order you to differentiate with other competing companies in the same industry. As demand diversified, "Environmental Friendly" products will be the biggest strength. We can make  environmentally friendly, keeping the beauty of the building for a long time and providing healthy, comfortable and clean space for people. As a part of your company's strength, please consider Palccoat in sales activities.

Three benefits of using photocatalyst

  • It can keep the beautiful sight, because it is hard to get dirty.

    The super-hydrophilic function (self-cleaning function) and the antifouling effect of the Palccoat reduce the deterioration and stain by adhesion. you can keep the new appearance longer, because the aging speed becomes slower.

  • Reduce health hazards from harmful gases (like VOC) generated from building materials and furniture.

    Most interior materials are currently safe due by strict standards, but the standards were vague until several years ago. The building materials contain the rarified harmful chemical substances and harmful gases (TVOCs), which are diffused in the air, it makes causes such as sick houses syndrome. Palccoat breaks down harmful substances and makes harmless, reducing health damage such as sick house syndrome.

  • Suggestions for social environmental measures and differentiation from competitors.

    Photocatalysts also clean the air and have the same function as forest resources, at the same time its creating a comfortable and clean environment to the building. If it coats an exterior wall of 1000m2 (about 5 houses in a typical house) is said to have a cleaning effect of more than 50 poplar trees which has high environmental purification. Palccoat will assist you structure to be operated for social environmental measures with keeping the building clean for a long time and keeping the asset value constant.

The image of Palccoat coating