For Corporations

PALCCOAT is not just applied for the exterior wall, also for improving
the working environment for employees who work indoors for a long time.

  • For a person in charge of house building company, construction company, construction agent

    Palccoat's bigges selling point is its environmentally friendliness to homes. Our specialist staff will give detailed explanations to construction companies, house building companies, developers, designers, etc. who are considering about adopting photocatalyst coating. We also offer business trip technical training as needed (for a fee). We will support accordingly to each circumstance until the photocatalyst adoption. Please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

  • For a building, apartment management company, real estate owner, manager, cleaning company

    It is the Palccaot photocatalyst that fulfills such wish, such as "I want to reduce maintenance costs and management costs!" "I want to lower the vacancy rate" and "I am in trouble with odor control". The building appearance can be kept clean for a long time by applying a photocatalytic Palccaot coating. Coating the walls and ceilings make the whole room comfortable and will be liveable for residents and guests, and prevents sick house syndrome.

  • For representatives, managers of hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens and nursery schools.

    Hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens and nursery schools, are places where sensitive people are present such as children, elders, and ill people. It is the Palccoat that decomposes and removes viruses, bacteria, etc., including flu, which are raging every year. We are considered as one of the preventive measures to reduce bacteria viruses on interior walls and floors that many people touch in particular.

  • For managers and owner of companies, factories, warehouses and offices.

    The improvement of the work environment is an urgent issue for companies. If the work environment is not good, it will drain the number of human resources, and company costs will be increased in the long run. For large spaces, adopting with our purification equipment "Nao T Air" prevents dust, odors, VOCs and internal infections. You can use the Palccoat to create an environment where everyone can work longer with a healthy and clean work environment both physically and mentally.