The Feature of PALCCOAT

We summarized a good point of Palccoat in seven.


Harmless water-soluble coating solution.

The photocatalyst coating solution, Palccoat series are an environmentally friendly coating solution that are harmless to humans and animals, and completely danger free (i.e. inflammable). Composed only with water-soluble titanium dioxide and pure water. A toxicity test has been proven that it is harmless to humans and animals.


High antimicrobial effect

Palccoat kills bacteria and viruses such as E. coli (O-157), Staphylococcus aureus, avian influenza that cause of food poisoning, and even the corpse of a germs (verotoxin) are decomposed and becomes harmless. A toxicity test has been proven that it is harmless to humans and animals.


Powerful anti-mold activity

"Palccoat Mold" increases the anatase concentration and further hybrids a special anti fungal agent. Therefore, it works as a strong mold control effect and durability, and also has the effect of removing it by applying it from the top of mold, moss and so on.


Excellent deodorizing effect

There are various smells in the living environment, which are also organic substances. There is a source of smell (odor), which accumulates and causes unpleasant odor. Palccoat keeps adsorbing and decomposing odors, it controls the accumulation of odors.


Decomposition of hazardous VOC gas

Placcoat decomposes and removes harmful chemical gases that cause sick house syndrome.


Powerful decomposition effect

In our experiment, red ink (assuming an organic substance) was applied and irradiated with ultraviolet rays for about 10 minutes, it completely decomposed and the red color disappeared.


The coating film has long-term durability

The coating film dries in about 2 hours and forms a film that does not peel off with rain or wind. After that, it continues to be cured, and after a few weeks it is stable with a lead hardness of 4H to 5H and produces a long-term effect with a strong coating that can be withstood a severe natural environments. * It depends on temperature and humidity.