For Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Kindergartens, Nursery schools, Schools

Hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens, nursery schools and schools are places where a lot of people get together. All of them are highly airtight, and it is necessary to take measures against antibacterials because they are in a building environment that is easy to get an infectious disease such as cold and flu. The problem is that bacteria and viruses attach to surfaces such as walls and handrails in facilities and then secondary infection from person to person. In order to prevent this secondary infection, reducing bacteria and viruses as much as possible is believed to be one of the preventive measures. The bacteria and viruses attached to the coated surface are decomposed, which assist to decrease of secondary infection by coated the Palccoat on the interior wall surface, ceiling, and floor of the building, house.

For the following such industries and facilities


Nursing home

Nursery school

Dental clinic,


The image of Palccoat coating