Wishing You All Good Things On This New Year 2022

This year as well in the corona situation, although it is still difficult to see the future due to the outbreak of a new coronavirus variant, the Omicron variant, it seems that the the number of severely ill patients is less due to the progress of vaccination and the efforts to prevent infection, and signs of recovery are beginning to appear.

The oxidative decomposition of the photocatalyst has been proofed to have an inactivating effect on the new coronavirus (COVID-19) by third-party testing institute, it is effective in preventing infection of virus by a photocatalyst coating. We will continue to strive for the development of photocatalysts technology.

All of staff will strive to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection this year as well such as physical condition management of risk countermeasures at work, hygiene management, etc.

Hoping for the end of the new coronavirus infection,
and we wish you continued success and health.
We look forward to working together throughout this year.


Best Regards.


January 1st, 2022