Wishing You All Good Things On This New Year 2024

This year's zodiac sign is "甲辰 Kinoetatsu". "Kinoetatsu" is, It is generally said in Japan that this year will be a very auspicious year, as you will be able to "take on new challenges and succeed'' and "what you have been preparing for will come to fruition."
In the Reiwa six (2024 Kinoetatsu), symbolizing "growth", "leap forward", and "prosperity" under the sign of 'Kinoetatsu,' we are dedicated to consistently surpassing customer expectations and making every effort to be of service to you all. With the addition of new staff this year, we are not only committed to the continuity and growth of existing ventures but also actively pursuing the conscious creation and integration of various new businesses and ideas, aiming for even greater development. Expressing our gratitude for your continuous support and cooperation, we sincerely request your unwavering patronage throughout this year. Thank you for your ongoing trust and collaboration.

We wish you continued success and health.
We look forward to working together throughout this year.


Best Regards.


January 1st, 2024